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Book review - The Web Ranking Manual by Tom Mitsoff

Notes taken besides the book - The Web Ranking Manual

Although this book is scientifically thinner than a jammy dodger it's surprisingly contains the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of SEO practice.

Tom dives straight into what keywords to get, how to use them and how to put them on your website to spread the link juice to get you ranked highly, which isn't a bad thing. The book empowers you to seek out the potential of the website before you commit. To find the POWER of the website first.

EDM 'amp; TLD

Tom Mitsoff tell us what type of names you should have when picking a domain. In perfect world you're going for an exact domain match for better results. This means that when a user types their phrase in the search box, it 100'#37; matches your domain. This is helpful because allows your site to be ranked highly (in the top 3 or 5) which means more visitors-doesn't mean you'll be converting traffic into customers but it's a start of getting traffic.

EDM stands for exact domain match. This is when your domain matches exactly what the user has searched for.

Ensuring you have great keyword/s for your domain, next comes choosing the type of Top Level Domain. Always go for .com first, then secondly a .org and lastly a .net. I wouldn't personally touch a .net domain.

Don't be afraid to use hyphens in your domain name too, this is fine with Google. A domain like yourdomainname.com is just as effective for search engines as your-domain-name.com. The only problem I find with the latter is the amount of additional typing needed (yes I'm that lazy). Hyphens make your domain longer and you're after a quick and memorable domain.

I always think if your domain sounds stupid over the phone or slows people down from understanding it or writing it down quickly then don't use it.

Great explanation of keywords 'amp; link juice

A silo is used to help give an example of spreading link juice from the top to the bottom of the website and back again.

I liked how he explained the use of keywords on a website because you hear a lot about keywords and to those that don't know much, it's meaningless. Tom quickly eases you into what keywords are and how to implement them on your website. The further down the website you go (either content or page wise), the more niche your keywords get but still sticking to the core theme. Tom also explains how to hook these up to spread the link juice (I was going to say love juice but that's just wrong! Naughty Darren)

Here is a quick list of the software, services 'amp; tools Tom mentioned in The Web Ranking Manual to seek out the power or the potential power of high ranking website.

Wooaah, Tom! This is against what SEO practitioners should do

A fictional Mr SEO Black Hat Method makes an appearance in this book

Where it could get ugly is when he mentions using software to acquire backlinks along with purchasing links too. Although his explanation does sound rational;you should use the software but set up the parameters over a period of weeks or months to make it appear natural, human like.

From my experience and talking to others this is just a no, no. The implications it potentially has to your client could be damaging. Mentioning purchasing links again this is highly frowned upon by myself and other SEO practitioners, but he makes it plausible like you can;keep it simple don't go purchasing stupid amounts from the same IP address too. He stresses to do this process gradually and ideally from pages that have a PageRank of 2 - 3 or 5 if possible!!

With these tools you're looking to see how this effects your ranking, if you move up then you're good to go as you have a solid foundation.

Someone who knows what it takes to get high ranking websites to work

I asked myself why would he say this when it's against Google's guidelines? You have to be business minded and think, is there a risk and should I take it?

I haven't looked into the authors background but he comes across as an expert, a veteran, someone who's knows what it takes because you wouldn't be touching paid links if you've only been doing it for a month or so, he knows the risk-reward situation.

Throughout the book I kept thinking, those american 1 page sites that try to sell you some new Ab exercises or something that's useless. Where it consists of a lot of copy and a video to push a sale through-is that the type of websites he builds? I was wondering at first why he mentions website and video on the front cover of the book.

The Darren Azzopardi verdict

I would give The Web Ranking Manual to those I work with but scribble out the black hat methods. There's no messing about in this book and the size could be a blessing because no one wants a thick book and have to plan to read it. You can pick it up, read through, put it down and finish it later and you'll still be better off than most when it comes to optimising your website.

All the usual advice is there; good meta description, good titles, keyword research, etc. You just have to check out the contents to know it's not messing about.

Topics explained within Tom Mitsoff's book

I've read quite a few SEO books, this one sticks in my head only for the keyword explanation because it's easy for those who aren't familiar to be able to grasp the concept.

It's about assessing the potential power a website has before you embark on your journey. Most people don't do this because they just aren't aware of it.

I've left out the depth that Tom goes into regarding the use of Youtube, the knowledge he shares makes sense;use duplicate videos with slight changes to help fill the top 5 result spots and also naming the video file to match the title are some of the nuggets he helps you understand.

With Less than 100 pages I would suggest you get a copy of The Web Ranking Manual by Tom Mitsoff because it's packed with information that can help your business whilst reading it on the toilet.


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