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I'm a huge fan of 20 questions-it's not a real game, it's when someone continuously asks questions regardless if the other person knows the answer or not.

I want to play this game with you but to make it a fair, lets stick to online marketing questions only. The topic is quite vast which is what I'm after; SEO, link building, off-page, email campaigns, etc. That's potentially alot of great questions waiting to be asked.

What you need to do

I'm requesting that all business owners (and if you're based in Hull that's even better!) to send me their SEO question, their online campaign question or their 'How do I get visitors to do this' type of question by completing my very short form, pick my online marketing brain.

Online marketing question examples

Can you see yourself asking these questions below, no? Then ask something different, I want to know so I can help you.

  • They're not buying my product, help?!
  • What's all this off/on-page seo malarky?
  • seo is rubbish why do I need it?
  • I installed Google Analytics, now what?

Get a personal response

You could be asking yourself, 'I can just Google the question' and you're right you can. What you'll find though are questions that are similar but not nearly 100'#37; like yours so you'll still be left wondering what the answer really is. When a person explains something to me and I'm able to pick their brains, I feel like I've grasped the answer much better.

I want to be kept on my toes

This is a challenge I've set myself. I want you to ask me a question that will knock me out, that will make me think and might even 100% stump me-where I can't reply.

I'm the pretend heavyweight SEO Boxing Champion!

I've trained many years in the online marketing ring

I'm expecting someone to bamboozle me (remember that teletext game where you had start all over again if you failed?!) but I'm also expecting to answer questions that have been bugging you.

I love sharing my online marketing knowledge, it helps you which helps me. There's only one way to be good and that's to stay sharp and to be kept on your toes.

The requirements

  • Keep your question precise and clear
  • Keep it related to online marketing
  • Let's have a fun and learn from eachother

What I will do

  • You'll get a personal response within a day
  • Publish only your questions 'amp; answers on my website
  • If I've helped you, tweet me or share if you can

Ask your online marketing question


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