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Working with the right people

Working with a diverse client base

The 3 types of client character traits that I work with on a daily basis, how we still continue to work with each other and the simple rules we work by that keeps us happy.

Over the years, I've grown an acute antenna for finding out the characters I work well with. I work well with nearly everyone, but you know, sometimes it can be abit testing. As we understand the goals, the possible outcomes and we both have great head on our shoulders then we're good to go.

Learn to work with anyone

These client character traits come up alot, it isn't anything negative I want to share how we still continue to work together.

The reason I sometimes get frustrated and I know many web designers that do, especially those who are new to web design is that they find it hard to express themselves, their ideas and to articulate what they actually mean.

I've learnt to accept my role as a designer with the intentions of solving their problems and expressing my thoughts, and yes we clash sometimes but that's good-shows passion!

  • they own you character type

    I totally understand it's your money and you want to be sure you're getting what you want.

    But when your dictating things you want me to do rather than what I know we should be doing, you're tying my arms behind my back and damaging the end game result. And I know that's not what you want.

    What you can do?

    Be as blunt with as you can, be open to decisions that could be out your comfort zone but be dedicated to the cause the end game is to get results and that's why you're working with me.

    Your money is spent with the aim of getting it back and then some, that's the aim here. Everything I do will be justified and I can easily explain why. This doesn't mean I wont listen to your ideas, I've always got time for seeing things differently but when you tell me what to do, our relationship can get sour.

    What I can do

    If we disagree, I will tell you why. If you have decision that will benefit the outcome then it will be used. I will take your fears on board and I will respect them, but fear not I am Batman and you are my Robin.

  • The spokesperson character type

    They'll be in contact consistently which is great, feedback is always welcome. But when it comes to decisions, they have to go back to the boss.

    We need to speak to the decision maker. I understand you may need to have things approved, but if you're not the one in charge then it's slowing down the project.

    What you can do?

    This is difficult because it could come down to your own confidence, and your boss having a lack of trust in your abilities. Be bold about your decisions and remember I am here to help. Speak to the decsion maker and tell them why not having the ability to make the final decision is hindering the progress and bare in mind, nearly everything in the web can be reversed, so mistakes can easily be corrected.

    What I will do

    I explain everything clearly to you, so you have enough knowledge to make a decision and answer any questions the boss might throw at you. If you like I can contact your boss or project manager and explain that handing over the trust to you will benefit the company, even after the project has launched and we've parted. Building confidence is priceless.

  • The decision maker character type

    We've already have great re pour just from our initial emails and on the phone we're talking about non-related issues. Emails come thick and fast and if there's any doubt then they'll pick up the phone and give you a quick phone call.

    You're the perfect client to have; Someone that is 'on my back' so to speak making sure you're I've kept in the loop of what's happened so far.

    What you can do

    Carry on being great but bear in mind that too many emails may slow us down.

    What I will do

    We're both busy so to keep us on the same page I'll schedule a Monday morning catch up, roughly 45 minutes of our time discussing the project so far. Here we talk about what needs to be done, and ask any questions you may have.

Rules we stick by to get a better outcome

  • Keep communicating
  • Be the decision maker
  • Be realistic

My promise to you

To be there when you need me and if not, get back to you quickly. To have your users at the fore front of every decision I make.

I've made some boo boo's and I'm sure you have too, and that's only made us better hasn't it. Me outlining these simple 'must have ingredients' lets us work on a strong foundation moving forward forward.

Everything I do has a reason, and if you're unsure then I will explain it till the cows come home.


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