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How I want to help your website

So your website isn't doing anything for you, no one is buying your product, downloading your documents or completing your contact form? 'Aaagh' I hear you scream-just go along with me.

Let's establish one thing first. You love your website and you want it to succeed right? Fantastic, we're on the same team. Read on and I'll explain in little snippets of I how do my thinking, followed with a quick overview. It's not a definite list and things may change but it's an insight none the less.

The procedure

  1. We have a chat

    I don't normally sit so close!!

    As much as we talk about what we want the new website to do, we'll equally discuss the current site if you have one.

    We'll have frank discussion about what works and what doesn't. No messing about, straight to the point. I cover alot of ground because I need to understand the thinking behind your site. Did you put much effort into it or did you pay an agency to help market it?

    Don't be ashamed of why your website didn't work out first time. To move on and to eliminate any potential bad herrings we need to highlight this. Knowing where it went wrong can only help us go forward in our working relationship.

    Quite bluntly, I want to know where you think the website went wrong & why didn't it work? Then on, we can kick butt!

  2. See how your old website is doing

    I collect data from your current website, get an idea of how it's used compared to how you thought it would be used. I also spend some time with your sales team. They are in prime position to help me as they are the first line of contact for the majority of customers and they'll probably be getting the same questions over and over again.

  3. Fresh outlook

    I present the data in a down to earth method. No, not large word documents but drawings, drawings that get the fires burning, the fire that burned proudly when you first started your company. I'll carry that same excitement and passion through out our working relationship.

  4. The work begins

    I then implement what changes need to be done. I then collect data, make changes to the site and see what happens. It's method of non-stop tweaking.

Your website needs clear goals

What do I want my website to do?

Have you defined your websites purpose?

Take my website for example. I want people to complete my quick form so they can receive my newsletter and overtime build online trust, enough trust for them to want to work with me. You build trust by having great content and an attractive website that's easy to use.

My second goal is for them to read my articles and to share aswell. With these clear two goals we can break it down and set up ways of finding out when they are achieved and if not, we'll sort it out.

A user will take small micro-steps before trust is fully gained from visiting a website.

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