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I've been hesitating for a while on should I do this or not but sod it! Here is my podcasting attempt.

I had my heart set on sharing this idea with someone because it makes for better listening but I could be waiting all day and it'll never happen pus this could have been reason for stalling the idea. I want the experience and how can I get better without having a go at it? So here am I having a go at it.

My podcast centres around my work of web design, online marketing and all things related, maybe sometimes loosely connected. I share the projects I'm working, my thought process and my experience. It's not serious, it's a peak into how I work and think.

[Update: 3rd March 2015]

After looking into podcasting from the offset it looks like too much fiddling about and ideally I just want to get some experience in; creating a schedule, speaking clearly (I tend to speak stupidly fast) and really hone my skills.

Once I've gathered more experience I may move into podcasting as I continue to invest more time into this side project.

Using Soundcloud was so quick and simple, though the sound quality will vary but for ease of use I'm using a Samsung S5 mobile and occasionally my MacBook. The idea is just to start, to get the ball rolling and to stop being worried about what everyone may think.


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