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At a desk, thinking of SEO strategies, what content to write and looking at the user testing results

I've immersed myself in the web design world

I'm proud to say that I've gotten many things wrong to get them right with a bit of 'trial and error' thrown in for good measure too. I started young and earned my stripes.

From start to finish I can be there to support your ideas and to bring them to life. Below is a quick peak of just some of the things I will happily do.

  • Web Design / HTML Email Development
  • SEO
  • Usability testing
  • Web Design

    I build websites from scratch, none of that Dreamweaver stuff. Not that I'm against it but I prefer a stripped back approach. I use Coda as my application to write my code and I'm very well versed in CSS and HTML.

    I also use php and MySQL on projects that need a backend if you're looking for something a bit bespoke. I've built websites using Wordpress and being confident in front and back end design I can easily work on the intricacies of the Wordpress setup.

    All websites I build are there to be used by whoever has an internet access; from desktop, to tablet to even a Nintendo DS, I don't care what they use, even a fridge with access to the web. I want them to be able to access the content that's on a website. I aim to have sites accessible as much as possible, no holding back.

    Website Designs

  • HTML Email Development

    To compliment a website and to build upon your online strategy I design HTML Emails from scratch. The emails are made to engage with your customers, provide them with content they need and to drive traffic to your website.

    HTML Email Development Designs

  • Producing content

    I love to write and I've written for several websites on a variety of topics. This skill was born out of a need to show clients that regular content is a must as it helps their company gain exposure thus receive more enquiries. Having something good to read on a website will help users (obviously not a poorly constructed dog tripe of an article wont help anyone) and improve their rankings, there's no way around it, I see it as a requirement.

    Initially, we want to get into a habit of producing 2 articles a week. Within time we'll fine tune the process to produce better articles and increase the production rate.

    I happily start the ball rolling, always have and always will provide the clients with a few headers based on some SEO research and from there on I strike up a routine, a content cycle.

    Many owners fail to create content, which is shocking. I show them how to create content and advise them it does take effort and a strict routine but it'll be worth it in the long run.

  • Using Google Analytics

    Getting past the default setting from the GA dashboard, you'll find out alot about a site. I create reports and advise on what metrics should be followed once I've understood your goals, along with setting up events to measure them. After all, you want to know exactly what you're doing wrong or how people interpret your website.

    I'm a big fan of GA, seriously! You can't have a website and then not be bothered about if it's working or not. Data is what us marketers love, big or small, mined or dug. Data is gold dust.

    The bottom line is this. You want to find out if users are doing what you want them to do. I can tell if they are or they aren't.

  • SEO ( or matching up what your users type in so they can find you ) & more

    The corner stone of good website design. I see SEO as three parts; on page, off page and technical. Work on all these and you're good. I'm not going to spout on about good headers, anchors and all that because for me, well, it's a given.

    A site needs good structure and pages need a clear distinction of what they are about. Backlinks are the secret weapon here and you get that by creating content that people like and want to share.

  • Talking to clients

    I deal with clients alot and am in constant communication with them either over the phone or at a meeting. I do send short emails when possible but for matters that are important, matters that need to be clarified then I'll pick up the phone. No clients are the same, they both expect different things but importantly they want to be heard. I speak clearly and precisely about issues that are important to me, things that I know are important to a website too. But dealing with clients that don't know this is a place where great communication skill comes in.

    I also have to sell design, not like a cold caller, but bring to attention areas of a website or marketing campaign that a client needs to embrace. And being met with a no can be off putting but for me, I get the client to ask why? I like to engage with them. Plus I'm a nice guy and I know you'll like me.

My skills in the real world

You're working with someone who knows how to build effective websites, who knows what a site needs, knows how to look at analytical data and give you support. Maybe you've launched a product and want to increase sales, I can do that. Working with me, you get the whole package, someone who till this day is excited about their job, it's a passion for me. I don't clock on or clock off, I'm always on. But more importantly I give a damn about what I do, I care about the sites I build and want each and everyone to be a success.

a working relationship

There's a crucial ingredient that I need and without it I can't help at all. We have a relationship when working together and the projects that have been really successful are the ones where both parties are happy. If you need someone in your corner to be a champion of your website then we should work together.

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